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Apple VR Headset A complete guide to all the Apple virtual reality and AR rumours

subscribe my channel. Conclusion: Is Apple really building an AR or VR headset?

Apple plays its cards close to its chest, so there’s no way we can know for absolute certain that we’ll ever see the company launch a virtual reality headset or AR goggles.

But we do know that Apple is very interested in the technology. That shouldn’t be surprising; analysts at IDC predict that the total revenue from VR and AR is expected to rise from $5.2 billion in 2016 to a value of beyond $162 billion in 2020. Apple will almost certainly want a piece of that pie.

Aside from the fact Tim Cook has already admitted investing in AR, the abundance of job hires, patents, and rumours makes it clear that Apple is rightfully committed to developing VR and AR tech.

At this stage, we’re not convinced we’ll see an iHeadset any time soon, but Apple is running out of time to publicly showcase its AR and VR efforts, before it risks falling behind key rivals.