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Apple VR Tech and ILM's Demo from WWDC | News | Unreal Engine

Announce Post:

At WWDC, Apple surprised the whole industry by revealing a visionary and wide-reaching set of AR and VR technologies, demonstrated live with film-quality content created by industry luminaries using Unreal Engine 4. Epic’s tools programmer Lauren Ridge was backstage building the scene live as John talked, using the Content Browser to add terrain, TIE fighters, and other components of the Sequencer-based action scene. The demo culminated with the entrance of Darth Vader on the virtual set. Lauren joined the stream as our special guest to talk about the experience and what new features you can look forward to.

Also, we introduced our other special guest Amanda Bott, the new Unreal Engine community manager!

WWDC Blog Post:

[00:00:00] Intro
[00:00:32] News
[00:06:13] Community Spotlight
[00:12:18] Amanda Introduction
[00:27:10] Lauren at WWDC
[00:44:48] Q&A
[00:48:00] Outro


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